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In its 43 years as a Auto Repair shop, Ralli-Round has become a nationally known Alfa Romeo speciality shop and has expanded its knowledge to service many foreign cars. Ralli-Round was founded 1965 by Romie Lucas as a neighborhood car repair and Alfa Romeo Specialty shop. Romie sold the business to Keith Magnuson in the 1978, who used poker winnings to make the initial purchase and to keep it running in slow times.

Ben L Howe, the current owner became associated with Ralli-Round in 1981though a summer high school job training program and continued to work at Ralli-Round for several years after the program ended. Ben then started racing cars and became a self taught master mechanic by repairing and building his race cars at night after hours in the shop. A couple years later Ben became involved with more lucrative employment in the construction industry. However Ben continued with auto racing and improving his mechanic skills. Based on Ben’s success in building his race cars, Keith rehired Ben several years later to re-engineer and make more reliable his Turbocharged 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV which up until then, blowing up on a regular basis. One year of intense fabrication later the now 300 hp Alfa broke all the standing track records and never had a problem for five straight years of Keith’s racing and hard street use. It is rumored that this 1974 Turbo GTV was also entered in a Cannon Ball run between Seattle and Boise Idaho and with an unofficial time of 4 hours.

Ben L Howe purchased Ralli-Round from Keith in 2003 and still services Keith's personal cars. In the 20 years between rebuilding Keith's GTV and purchasing Ralli-Round; Ben L Howe became the top ranked Factory Toyota Master Diagnostic technician in the Pacific North West region for 2002. Ben also gained experience working in a Mercedes repair facility for a year. In addition to Mercedes, Ben has personally owned a Porsche 968 and custom built several Porsche 911 twin spark conversion high performance engines. Before purchasing Ralli-Round, Ben Owned and ran another Mechanic shop named Howe Automotive Technologies. Upon buying Ralli-round Ben incorporated the company and become Ralli-Round Ltd.

Ralli-Round now offers world class service in Toyota, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Mercedes, VW and Audi though Ben,s expertize. The current staff of mechanics also brings superb knowledge and commitment to auto repair. Sam Winecoff has extensive knowledge of Honda's and Terry Roberts, a Subaru expert, is an accomplished show car fabricator. Together Terry, Sam and Ben have a vast knowledge base to draw on to ensure a quick resolve to the most difficult problems.

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Ralli-Round Ltd. has been in business for 43 years.

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